This isn’t San Diego

This isn’t San Diego.  While I was in San Diego, I think I ate fish for every meal I was there with the exception of the In & Out Burger that Mark stopped and picked up for us on our way to the Airport.  


The Fish Market is always a favorite in San Diego located near Seaport Village on the water’s edge.  It is actually very close to the museum (Aircraft Carrier) in a previous post.

 I did find a little gem however that would very much remind everyone of the Meadow Mountain Café.  Small place, always people waiting for food, and as you know “fantastic food”.  I don’t mean good, I don’t mean better than average, I mean “FANTASTIC”.

 “Blue Water” is the name of the restaurant, and it is located on Washington Street just off the 5 near the airport.  When you are in San Diego, even if it is for a layover at the airport, it is worth the time to go to “Blue Water” for some fresh fish. 

 My son Mark, Mr. Fisherman Extraordinaire, and self made Paula Dean, Rachel Ray, Wolfgang Puck,  and Julia Child of the fishing world said that it was the best fish that he had ever eaten.  They have a meat case of displays of fresh fish that they sell to the public, and also provide fish meat directly to the restaurant.  Mark had to compliment them on their presentation and freshness of their fish.