Sugar Ray Leonard & Gerald

When you go to conventions they always have speakers of notoriety.  Some are better than others particularly when it comes to speaking.

Sugar Ray Leonard is not only an exceptional speaker with an exceptional message, but truly a definition of the American Dream.  Sugar Ray is an example of what can be done if you have goals and keep focused.

Gerald Mayo & Sugar Ray


Sugar Ray wasn’t given anything, but he wasn’t afraid to earn it.  He knew what he had to do, and felt confident that he could do it.  He knew that if he was willing to go beyond what it took, and willing to do more than anyone else that he would be successful.

Sugar Ray practiced and worked hard every day that he trained for every fight.  He knew that if he worked harder, was better prepared mentally, and in better shape physically he was confident in himself and the outcome.

Tiger Woods practices hard every day, not just when he feels like it.  We should all work hard, practice our craft and stay focused on our goals.