Estes Park Thawing Out

Estes Park is thawing out from the snowstorm just in time for Halloween.  I’m not sure how much snow we actually received but I don’t think I ever say more than 14 or 15 inches on the ground at one time.  It would snow, melt, snow some more, and melt some more.  It truly was a winter wonderland for three days.

Our wonderful wind arrived Thursday evening about 9:30 PM.  I thought a car had hit our house.  The actuality was the wind had started and all of the snow from the trees hit the picture windows and the deck.  It was loud enough to wake you up.

It has been melting all along, and we are looking forward to a great evening for the “Trick or Treators” downtown tonight.

Meltiang Icicle in Estes Park

Melting Icicle in Estes Park

Icicle in Estes Park Colorado

Slowly melting is this icicle hanging from the eves