I went down to the staging area for the Christmas Parade yesterday and got some shots of the floats as they were being lined up.  You can see here the staging area at the West end of Elkhorn, Ave where floats are placed in the order of their appearance in the parade.

Staging Area

Initial Staging Area West Elkhorn Avenue

Thank you to the Estes Park Police Department, the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department, and the countless number of volunteers for both of those organizations and the town who help with crowd control, traffic, lining up the parade and keeping the parade moving (repairing breakdowns) as it progresses through downtown.


Traffic Control

Traffic Control by the Estes Park Police Department

This horse drawn wagon was having some modern times technical difficulties.  They had tied some speakers underneath the wagon so the music being played by the local singer guitar player could be heard.  One of the speakers fell off, and was being run over by the wagon.  Traffic was backed up three blocks behind the horse and wagon before they could remedy the situation and move on.


Technical Difficulites

Horse Drawn Technical Difficulties

This Chrysler “Woody” has approximately 47,000 original miles on it, and has never left the state of Colorado.  It is typical of the time when everyone went out and cut down their own family Christmas tree.  Theirs has been carefully placed on top of the family car.


The Family Car - The Family Christmas Tree

The Christmas Season has been officially launched with “Black Friday” and the Estes Park Christmas Parade.

Have a great day!  Mr. Estes Park